A Young Mama’s Journey

This is my mommy and parenting blog where I’m gonna share to you my journey of being a new mommy as I continually experience the full spectrum of emotions in raising my child with all the stress and whirlwind of activity of caring for our baby that is physically and emotionally draining. The unconditional love, the innocence, the curiosity and the joy that they bring makes feel being a Mom as the best job in the world.I hope you will continue to follow me and my journey being a new mommy.

Baguio Boy

This blog tells of the life of baby boy who was named the Baguio Centennial Boy as he grows up into this world. Its first-person account makes it a fun and interesting blog to read, for kids and mommies alike. Everyone can learn something from the little boy’s perspective of life.

Caraecle Siblings & Mom

Caraecle Siblings & Mom presents issues, thoughts, and useful ideas on parenting. It also features learning stages, experiences and journey of the Caraecle siblings.

{cherry} everyday

Three years ago {cherry} started blogging. Yes, this isn’t her first time. And so far blogging has faired well for her. Met many friends. Learned new things. Though she’s willing to learn more.

Thus, the birth of her new baby. This is where she writes about her challenges in the kitchen and elsewhere. Yes, she tries to challenge herself everyday. She falters often. She doesn’t always do it right but you can be sure that she tries to do something challenging in the kitchen and at home every single day.

Life is full of challenges, anyway.


This is a family, home and living blog of a mom in her late 20s. She blogs about her approach on parenting, their family adventures, list of toddler activities, and home management.

Experience of a Super Mommy

Informative helpful topics about motherhood, parenting, home, events and family life.

Family and Home Living

This blog is all about family relationships and home living articles.  Written by a stay at home mom who believes in the importance of family and intentional parenting.

Hearts content of a mama

A blog about a 25-year-old mom talking about her random thoughts on her mommy journey, family matters, and other life adventures that keep her life blooming. Her other life adventures includes her family travels, her expertise in blogging since 2008, parenting, product reviews, giveaways and much more. She also shares her artistic talents in this blog like creating arts and crafts – Ukrainian Batik Egg, Web Graphic arts, Web Designing, digiscrapbooking, Photography and Collecting. She also talk about her how her family’s finance is being organized. She loves to be a versatile mom, able to take care of her kids at home and earning money online.

Josie’s Window

This blog is about Home Improvement, Parenting, Health, Family matters, Personality development and care for the Environment. Any tips and ideas  that a mom can share for others to learn from.

Joey’s Girl

Chronicles of a not-so-perfect mom and wife.

Kero’s Celebration

This is a mother’s journal about their struggles and adventures living the life of an expatriate family. The blog also features their family travels and has special category on family dining and restaurant reviews.

Life According to Me

A blog about a freelance web content writer’s life trying to balance working at home and being a wife and a mom.

Living Life to the Fullest

This blog serves as a journal of her experiences, her thoughts, her life, her parenting style and everything that is happening around her.  She think that it is everyone’s dream to be able to live life to the fullest, so join her in her journey towards it.

Marriage and Parenting

This blog chronicles the life of a woman married for 10 years. It talks about the ups and downs of a relationship. This also tackles motherhood and how she gave up her work in order to focus on her two adorable kids. She was a Psychology major graduate and a Registered Nurse but later prioritized her kids/family and became a stay at home mom.

Marriage Markers

This is about a couple’s journey into their marriage and their different milestones. It has since expanded to include parenting as well as celebrity weddings, marriages and subsequent divorces.


“This blog is a journal of a 30-year-old mom’s journey down the exciting road of motherhood.”

Prior to being a mom, she was a writer and a photographer doing mostly photojournalism. These two has to take a back seat when she got married. She has stayed a stay-at-home mom for sometime now yet she never put aside her love for writing and photography. She has lived the cliche “a picture paints a thousand words.” Yes, she loves photography but it cannot be discounted that writing is and will always be her first love. Here you’ll find the stories behind her photos.


This blog tackles issues mother’s usually talked about like family, parenting, home and everything in between.

Mommantics – A Mom’s Adventure

A young working mom’s adventure, a mother of three. Was still very young when got pregnant and have matured early to get used to this new role.  She has learned many lessons in life, the most important of all is being practical. This blog may also be considered to be her personal journal. Please do not be offended if from time to time she start to scream to keep her sanity. Cheers!

Mom’s Ups and Downs

This is an online diary of a stay-at-home Mom who juggles and balances life as a mother, homemaker and everything in between. She’s happily married and blessed with a daughter. Having one child though doesn’t mean she has lesser knowledge and she is less eloquent to other Moms out there with kids of more than one. She loves to do research and reads a lot. This is where she gets most of the answers to her questions about parenting and family. In this blog/diary, she is sharing  the knowledge she has and her experiences as well about  parenting, kids and family.

Momma Helps

A mom’s musing when it comes to family. Tips and advice on parenting, home, personal and health care matters. Being a mother for so long, I have learned so many things in life through personal experiences and want to share it with my readers. Things that are not always found in the book but through actual experiences.

Mommy Diary

Diary of a work-at-home mommy to two little boys. She feels very blessed to be able to stay at home with her kids and work at the same time. She is thankful for her husband for allowing her freedom to do what she loves doing – blogging. She juggles her time homeschooling her eldest, breastfeeding her youngest, and taking care of the love of her life – her dearest husband. Come visit her life – er blog and who knows you might learn a thing or two.

Mommye E.A.R.N.S

This blog is about being a work at home mom, how to keep the home a safer place to live in,  documenting health, parenting, fitness and news.

Momma Finally

A blog where the author shared her journey to motherhood and now her journey with her baby. She is a newbie momma but she is willing to learn it all one baby step at a time.

Mommy Gagay

Mommy Gagay is a Parenting and Kids-related blog of a Not-yet-a-MOTHER..but a MOMMY to Didong, Didang and Dodong lass. She enjoys blogging about her nephews and niece. She loves to share her knowledge on parenting and dealing with the little kids.


Momsicle are pondered thoughts on my venture to motherhood and being a wifey. The ups and down of being a first time mom, raising a kid, minding a husband and the vanity of being a woman.


This is a stay-at-home mums random musings on this wonderful journey called motherhood + everything else in between.

My bric-a-brac

She first started blogging using a free blogger platform just to share her pictures, but decided to venture into adding a self-hosted blog after some blogger friends encouraged her. She has no regrets since then and has continued to share her pictures (with a few words here and there) from whatever camera source she can get her hands on. It’s not all about pictures, though. Her blog is mostly about family life and stuffs that catches her interest, whether online or offline.

My Little Professor

My Little Professor is a blog by a divorced mom, about her seven-year old son diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified. This blog presents major factors that entail PDD-NOS – challenges, joys, successes and milestones. The objective of this blog is to share learning experiences from this card the author is dealt with. She intends to play this game with optimism and a resolve to hold on to the goal of raising her son the best way she knows how, the best way possible

Notepad Corner

A personal blog about life, family, parenting, home improvement, housekeeping and anything that could be of essence to one’s daily living.

Nshima Servings

Nshima Servings is where May shares her ramblings of trying to make family life extraordinary while keeping her sanity intact. Her blog is all about family, parenting, photography, home living, arts and crafts, the little things!

Our Home and haven

Celebrating the joys of family life.

Phoebe’s Blissful life

A PR 2 general blog owned by a young mom.

Pinay Mama

A PR2 parenting blog of a Filipina mommy chronicling her journey as a young mother to a sweet boy. It tells the story of how she is struggling to become the best mom that she can be despite her age, and strives to share everything that she has learned in this phase of her life so far to everyone who may be in the same boat.

Pinay Mom in Germany

Formerly a career woman and now a full-time mom and housewife adapting to her new life  in Germany. This blog talks about her new experiences as an immigrant and how it affected her way of living. She also talks about her discoveries and sometimes differentiates them from her homeland. She also features the sights in her travels to the country’s  different cities.

SmartParentingAdviceandTips includes topic related to advice for parenting, parenting and advice, parenting tips, smart parenting advice, and anything related to family and parenting.

The All-around Mom

The All-around Mom is a blog where I share all about motherhood, parenting tips, family/kids events, family and all about kids.

The Mommy Who Never Sleeps

Hi, I’m Cherry, the writer of this little space in the blogosphere. Domestic {cherry}, simply put, is where life happens for me. Don’t get me wrong. I have a life outside of the internet but there’s really nothing domestic about me. I rarely cook. I don’t do laundry and I don’t clean my house. I hire people to do that for me. Clever, right? So why Domestic Cherry? Well, here you’ll find how I am as a parent to my two kids. And I tell you, it’s no joke being one to a kid diagnosed with autism and a son who is almost a man with raging hormones. Everything happening in the homefront, you can read here.

My daily misadventures, joys and struggles, things I love (makeup, anti-aging products and teas out of so many), my lunches with my MG, my never-ending journey to “singlehood”, paycheck, responsibilities, and a new sexy bod.

I post daily, so there’s always something fresh and new for you to look at. And just so you know, you’re not the only one looking. I get visitors from all over the world.

The Pepperrific Life

This blog chronicles the life of a single mom.  The author, a mom to a precocious preschooler, tries her hardest to navigate the rough waters of parenting, armed with her working knowledge of Nickelodeon characters and various disciplining styles.  She is no parenting guru, but shares whatever bits of parenting advice she can, as she raises her kid alone.

Tinkerputt’s Turf

A first-time mom who has decided to be a work-at-home mom to be able to have a hands-on experience taking care of her son and her husband. Working as a virtual assistant, researcher and article writer.

The Misis Chronicles

The Misis Chronicles tackles her life as a new mommy. Join her as she fills you in the world of motherhood, from diaper changes, sleepless nights, baby foods, yaya problems, etc…

The Tottering Mama

A parenting and family blog of a twen-teen-something, stay at home mommy.  This contains random posts –- mostly about parenting tips and ideas, helpful advices, strategies, pointers, and so much more!

Twen Teen Mom

A parenting and family blog of a twen-teen-something, stay at home mommy.  This contains random posts –- mostly about parenting tips and ideas, helpful advices, strategies, pointers, and so much more!

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