Beauty and Fashion Diva

This blog is about everything almost all women care about – beauty and fashion. This blog will share the latest fashion trends, beauty tips and product reviews.

Chic and Fabulous

A beauty blog from a self professed beauty/fashion expert who believes that Fashion is relative.

Cosmo Girl

Cosmo Girl is a blog about Women, Fashion and Beauty of a sophisticated woman.

Din’s Fashion

Din’s Fashion started as toddler fashion. But it has evolved and now it covers celebrity fashion, haute couture, and features about designers and super models. It even includes fashion events.

Diva Fabulosa

Diva Fabulosa is the fashion playground of the author. She shares here her love for fashion, fashion finds and all thing fabulous.

She loves to talk about shoes, clothing and accessories, celebrity fashion, shopping and saving.

Fashionably Trendy

This is a fashion and lifestyle blog where you can find everything and anything about the latest and hottest trends in fashion, with beauty tips and consumer product reviews, sales & coupons, shopping, health & wellness, entertainment, personal style, women issues and so much more!


A blog on the latest fashion trends, model shots, beauty reviews and anything that rocks the fashion world.

Food Fashion Beauty Blog

This is a blog about the blogger’s adventures and experiences as she explores ladylike interests such as cooking, dining out, cosmetics, cosmetic procedures, beauty solutions, dieting, weight loss solutions, clothing, shopping, fashion picks, fashion hauls, and fashion trends.

Gowns and Heels

This blog is focused on different kinds of fabulous dresses and shoes for different occasions.

Healthy Vain

This Mommy blogger believes that she also needs to have “ME” time or time for herself . She needs to be healthy and fit because she juggles a child, work, home and everything in between. In this blog, she shares her fashion tips, healthy routines and beauty rituals. She also shares  her reviews about health and beauty products that she has tried and tested and recommend only those that are beneficial to her and her family. In this blog you can see how health and beauty collide.

Fabulicious Diva

A blog about anything fabulous in the fashion industry as seen by a trying-to-be Diva.

Fashion & Travel Siren

Fabulous clothes, Fancy Beauty tricks, Frivolous holidays!

Fashion. Beauty. Expert

A beauty blog from a self professed beauty/fashion expert who believes that Fashion is relative.

Fashion Explorer

Fashion Explorer was launched in year 2009 to chronicle the author’s personal experiences in the world of fashion. The author is already a mom, and will be 30 years old this year but still there’s a girl inside her that likes to spend hours in front of the mirror throwing together random pieces of clothing and creating new styles. She doesn’t have the most coveted closet, cannot afford the latest and greatest item, and she got most of her outfits and accessories in thrifty stores and flea market but she stays fashionable on budget. From time to time, the author will cover topics on clothing and accessories, trends in various apparel, celebrity fashion choices, street fashion trends, online shopping, thrifty shopping,beauty tips, beauty products and the likes.

Fashion Is My Passion

This is a blog where fashion, beauty, health, entertainment, and writing converge to give readers a reading experience that’s both humorous and entertaining.


Health and Beauty on Files

A mom of three grown-ups doesn’t want to be left out in the fashion world. She believes that it you don’t have to buy expensive signature clothes, bags or shoes or use pricey make-ups and accessories to look gorgeous . It’s how you carry yourself, beaming with self-confidence and aura without the price tags.

Joy’s Flair

A Mom blogger’s lifestyle and fashion showcase, having   a family who loves vogue and trendy clothes, shoes or anything that could be of interest.

Late Bloomer Blog

A personal blog of a woman in her late 20s who is just learning to appreciate the world of beauty and fashion. This blog focuses on being beautiful and fashionable without hurting the budget. And that being beautiful is not just superficial. Here you’ll learn about her new discoveries on staying fit and how she takes care of her health and body.


A fashion and beauty blog which aims to bring you what you want to read in the dynamic world of beauty and fashion!

Manila Barbie

A beauty blog featuring reviews on hottest products, hair advice, makeup tutorials, beauty tips and so much more!

My Fashion café 

Just like any other women or mom out there, the blogger likes anything about fashion and how she got attracted to the current styles and trends. She also loves to shop and likes it if she finds good deals online or at the mall. She may be a stay at home mom but she loves fashion, beauty and life.

My Name Tag

Fashion, beauty and everything sweet from Carizza Chua.

My {secondhand} philosophy

Vintage or second-hand items is the way to go if you want to express your individuality, creativity and uniqueness. This blog is a place for unique, uncommon but still fabulous finds for the closet and home. The goal of the blog is to find excellent and beautiful things. I have always loved clothes and second-hand furniture and other knickknacks – especially vintage! My appreciation for vintage and second-hand items fueled this little space in the blogosphere.

I’m happy and excited to share my collection with you. Happy Looking!


Blog about fashion, celebrity and not. Most of the time features pink stuff but not exclusively.


Prose Of Relevance

Shop Vintage Clothing

What can you find in

-How to look Fabulous in Women’s Vintage Clothing
-How to shop for clothes from the past
-How to take care of your fab finds
-Vintage Men’s Clothing
-Sizing & Pricing Guide
-Clothing Shops and where to shop across the US and the rest of the World
-Fashion Timeline and History
-Tips on Shopping for Vintage garments online (ebay, online shops, multiply)

and many other topics any fashion maven and fashionista would be interested in.
The site is still new so come back often as there’s something fresh and Vintage for everyone here.

The Beauty Encounters

A 25 year old baby-faced mom who wants to always look young and fresh blogs in The Beauty Encounters. In here you’ll find her different tips and tricks on how she makes sure she stays pretty and fabulous even with the endless responsibilities of being a single mom to her beautiful daughter. She loves making reviews on beauty, fashion, and health products as well.

Top Women’s Fashion 

A fashion blog about the latest women’s fashion tops, trendy tops, women’s fashion clothing.

Vanity 101

A mom’s shopping adventures and take on fashion.  Like you, she loves to shop. This blog is where she shows her fashionable side. (In a nutshell, this is mostly a recording of where home budget partly goes.) This mom blogger claims that it pays to be in the right place at the right time….that’s the right shop actually. ^_^ She always gets stuff for 50% or less!

Vanity 101 is also the home of the meme Thursday Brownies; showcases photos of anything with “brown” in it.


When Vanity Speaks

This mom is always a fashionista at heart, her creativeness made her try new style in clothing mixing and matching, accesorizing here and there, new make-up look and even nail art. Of course all within a budget.


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