Aliz Travel Zone

Travel Zone is all about Aliz’s escapades and dream destinations.  From her travel photos to foodie pictures are shared here. Promoting tourism in Aliz own little way best describes the blog.

Amazing Adventures

Amazing Adventures is where the author talks about her family’s amazing adventures at home and abroad.

Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet is mom’s blog about her family’s travels and escapade. She just recently launched this blog and would put all her family’s adventures and escapades. Also features helpful topics and tips on traveling.

Best Vacation Places

A blog where I share interesting places to visit, travel tips and promos.

Budget Biyahera

Budget Biyahera is a travel blog. It also speaks of budget travels and other family-oriented journeys.

The author/blogger, grew up with a family of 13 members. And this meant getting trained to learn the disciplines of keeping everyday things on a budget. And ever since then, noting expense breakdowns, and making various itineraries for her family and friends made her hone this ‘organizational’ skill. Later, putting this to good use in terms of traveling local and international destinations.

Bustling Bangkok

Exploring the city of angels.

Culture Medley

Travel Photos and Tales, Marveling at the diversity of cultures, the excitement of tasting foreign food and the joys of learning another language.

Daisy Shores 

Travel blog related to vacation spots, family vacation ideas, tropical vacations, and anything related to travel.

Dream Land Days

It is about a mom who loves to travel and wish she can travel as often as she can but that yet remains a dream to be realized. Those precious days that she gets to travel are what she calls days in dream land or dream land days.

Empowered Mom

This blog is a woman’s journal of her thoughts, feelings, aspirations and whatever that comes to her mind pertaining women’s issues, home and improvement, a bit of fashion and a dash of shopping.. Most importantly, for encouragement, inspiration and empowerment..


e-Travelizer is an online travel resource which provides an overview of must-visit places. It also features recommended hotels and beaches, travel promos and the world’s beautiful tourist spots.

Everything Nice!

Everything Nice! is the brainchild of Bernadette “Badet” Siazon. It tackles anything and everything that catches her fancy. Badet loves food and travelling, thus most of the entries are recent discoveries on food and her destinations. She is also kikay, some posts are about beauty products she tried and she wants to try. Badet wants to believe that she’s also keen on fashion.

Fashion and Travel Siren

This blog features luxury travels and holiday ideas. It also talks about high-end hotel properties and travel tips to the world’s iconic landmarks.

FREE Travels And Tours

FREE Travels and Tours is a Travel and Tour blog of a Medical Student who used to travel for FREE of charge because of her being a student yet. The author shares her experiences in in traveling and having tours. Not just experiences but recent travel updates from medical to financial tips and facts.

Herz’s Travels

Traveling the world vicariously, it is a blog where you can find the world. The places to visit, what to do and where to eat and why travel.

Journey of a Dreamer

Because of the dream  of the author to travel the world and share her love one the beauty of nature this blog was created.  It is also a way for her to get the chance to meet new friends,  introduce to new traditions and specially get a chance  showcase sumptuous foods. This is a realization of her dream,  Journey of a Dreamer is something she always love to do and create. It tells every travel, adventure, vacations that she and her family spends and the author hopes that the readers can benefit from their experiences too. Travel with Melandria as she goes  to Palawan, Caramoan and to her other dream places around the world.

Lakwatsera Me

Lakwatsera Me is an online journal of a mom’s happy journey and exploration of the world. It shows places she’s been to, photos included of course. The blog will also show photos of places and destinations Stef would like to visit. There are also tips and news about traveling, trips and even traffic.

Me in Travel and Wonderland

The site is about fantastic vacation places, old travel experiences and travel tips. Places you could go to where there are diverse traditions that can  be experienced and events around the world to visit.

Merry WanderLust

A traveling blog, Merry WanderLust, is about places she’s been to, cuisines she’s tried, travel routes taken, hotels reviews, culture and people she met. She believes that traveling can be done with style! Look for her tips on travel documents, destinations, and people.

Momsicle’s Travel Adventure

Momsicle’s Travel Adventure is a personal blog of a mom who loves to travel.Its showcase places she has been to and places she likes to visit. This blog also gives travel tips and cuisines from different places.

Musings on Meanderings

This is a wanna-be-jet-setting mum’s travel + postcard blog, an online account of where she’s been + places she would love to visit. It also showcases her fairly new collection of postcards from all over the world.

Raya in Thailand

A journey into the land of smiles.

Stylish Voyager

Stylish Voyager is a blog owned by a woman who is interested in sharing her experiences as she travels the world. This is where she shares her photos about the places she has visited, will visit in the future and places she will visit again.

The Food and Travel Buff

The Food and Travel Buff featured not just about the author’s travel adventures, new discoveries and places she dreams of exploring, may it be local or out of the country trips. This blog also shares the author’s food trips alongside of her travels.

The Cookie Chronicles

A blog that talks about the places the author visited and wish to visit someday. Included in this blog are travel photos and day to day activities with the author’s family.  This blog was created to remind the author of the beautiful places that she’s been to and hopes to see them again soon.

the Food, the Places and the Bad trips!

chronicles my travels and food trips…

The Lowfat Diaries

LOW in Fat but HIGH in adventure.  That’s the tagline.  Nope, this blog has nothing to do with diets and weight loss nor about recipes but you’ll find a lot of good restaurants here, local and international.  We can’t promise that they’d be low in fat but we’re pretty sure they are big in adventure and taste.  So join us as we travel the Philippines and hopefully one day, the whole world, and discover lots and lots of awesome places and meet fabulous people along the way.  Who’s in for the ride?

The Wandering Peach

This blog is a chronicle of my travel and my family’s travel. We love taking short and long vacations to relax and be detached from our normal city lives. Sometimes we also love to go on the road and just see where our feet takes us.
This blogs also aims to give some tips on cheap bookings and vacation packages. Let’s go!

The Wonderlusts

The WONDERLUSTS blog is all about her family’s travel. Places they’ve been to and places they are planning to visit someday.  Its also a blog about some tips they can share to some people who also love places and loves to travel. This is also a blog about the collection of postcards from different country.

Thomas Travel Tales

A blog where the author shares her collection of travel photos, vacation and adventures from different parts of the world.

Travel and Recreation

A blog about my dream destinations and places I’ve been. Travel tips, guide, travel promo and more.

Travels Here and There

A blog about travels, travel aspirations, souvenirs, postcards and more.

Travel Unravels

A blog where learning comes from unraveling, while traveling.

Travel Sites and Scenes

This site is a compilation of Photos of beautiful places here and around the world that are worth visiting. Travel with me as I post pictures of scenes and sights I visited and those that are visited by my families and friends. Best Holiday Places, Tourist Destinations, Travel Infos and Accommodation Guides.

Travels, one city at a time

Mirage’s blog about places where she’s been, places she likes to visit and revisit. This blog also showcases postcards she received from around the world, travel photos of her family and some tips on traveling with kids in tow.

Trips and Travels

This blog will share about our family’s travel and adventure, vacation and holiday escapades. Although I don’t travel a lot by thanks to my ever supportive mom who are there to help me take you to the amazing places to see and things to do out from her traveling experiences.
It will showcase some amazing tours that just might inspire you to try something new on your next vacation as it features the best travel related news, places, people and events from across the globe.
It will also share about our ramblings of amusing encounters and fascinating journeys and trips. We will be sharing our traveling tips, recommendations and fun, informative stories about our past trips, our current vacations and our future getaways.

Vienna and Beyond

Frolicking around Europe and other cities.

Wandering Mom

She goes where her heart and opportunities lead her to.

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